One Of My Closest Friends Is Against God, What Do I Do???

My friend Alex and I were walking to take down the flags at our school one of our daily JROTC end-of-class routines aka "Flag Duty". On the way there, he was just going on and on about how his family didn't believe in God, and then questioned me about why I love and believe in God. He asked if I only knew about and worshiped God because I was taught that, and because my parents raised me a young Christian man, which they did. I told him that I knew Christ Jesus, because I had only been Church so many times and that it wasn't just "blind faith", it was that I truly knew God for who he was and that I had excepted Him into my heart a LONG time ago. Alex still continued to argue about His existence. I have always had wonderful Pastors at my Church, and hope that it continues that way, because I love going to Church to learn more and more things about the Man that I will see one day when its my time to leave Earth. Anyways, I just don't know how to help Atheists, to become Christians, because they're missing out on something that could AMAZINGLY change their lives as they live them today. Can anyone help or give me tips? If you can, leave them in the comments below. Thanks!
bears101 bears101
18-21, M
Feb 2, 2013