My Love For God Defines Me Not My Religion

My relationship with God is a personal one.  It is this relationship that shapes my character and who I am - not a church, not my religion.  I am a Christian, but identify more with the bumper stickers that say "God save me from your followers."  

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3 Responses Oct 24, 2008

im just wating 4 jugement day so i can go to heavn but i dodnt get much time 2 go 2 chruch but that dosent ,mine that i dodnt love god right

It is my feeling that religions separate people rather than bring them together. They are used to create fear in people to better control them. I believe there is some truth in every religion just as there is some truth in every book you read, but I feel that religions do more damage than good.

I know what you mean, for some religion seems to provide an excuse to be judgemental and self righteous and thats not pretty.