We Have More Access to Him Than We Can Handle.

l have been going through a stage in my life where l'm learning to place my faith only in God, and in every situation. He has done some pretty miraculous things for me, and l am ashamed to say that l don't share that enough. l wish l could describe this particular experience better, and that something l've said would inspire you to think more about ways you can put more trust in God.

A friend once told me that God wants us to have faith in him, but that He's given us all a varying degree of common sense to make it through trials. So she presented this contrast between faith and reason, and she basically said there were times when each was appropriate. ln my opinion faith in God always conflicts with reason or rationality. l could think of a couple of stories in the Bible that illustrates that acting on faith appears to be ridiculous.

I hope to one day read a forum or discussion blog about this subject.

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2 Responses May 18, 2007

Right you are. "God is NOT all merciful, all loving." He, by his own declaration, can only put up with an individual's bull for so long. He will not let the guilty go unpunished. This attribute will lead to the acceleration of His "judgements", and the evidence will be overwhelming that He exists.<br />
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Now about evolution...There is evidence of natural selection or micro evolution. DNA will never allow a bird to hatch from a dinosaur's egg. The missing link will always be missing. Sorry for the long example, but it's easy to see how evolution is in complete opposition to the truth. God created everything "very good". l can't say that about current conditions. l think "Entropy" sums it up. Evolution claims we've gone from humble beginnings to the top of the food chain. My conclusion is that ascribing to the philosophy of evolution allows one to more comfortably compromise their moral integrity, and continue behaving like there is no God.

And what is faith? It's not believing in something despite some sort of proof. By the bible's definition, it is "believing the promises of God". With events occurring in the world that match biblical prophecy it is more reasonable to believe in the only God that can "declare the end from the beginning". lt also takes more faith to believe in evolution (not micro), something that opposes faith in God.