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i do love God more than anything in the world, that is why I know he can heal me and my marriage. i met my husband two and a half years ago. his previous wife had died of cancer. we are 25 years apart. he is 651 and I am 36. I have three children from a previous marriage .All teenagers ,pray for me. before we were married he was so affectionate. The very day we married things chsnged. We have not had sex in a year and before that not much. I think I am the lonliest wife in the world. We have a bussiness togerther so we spend a lot of time together. I am believing that god is going to handle this but until he does I don't know how to get by.
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1 Response Sep 14, 2007

Most people live in a bucket.... yes, a bucket.... minus the water of course.... by living in a bucket I mean that you see nothing but the inside wall of a bucket... you see only yourself and your own inability to cope with the outside world..most people that live in a bucket never think to look over the bucket rim.... to see whats outside..... others that look over the rim of there bucket, to see whats going on out there are to afraid to venture outside there bucket.... they feel to comfy or to set in there own ways , or to afraid to upset there mate in the next bucket.... but then,many people out of sheer frustration leap out of there bucket, out into the unknown... no longer careing what becomes of themselves or the idiot in the next bucket.... just to escape the insanity of it all, those people I admire... <br />
What am I getting at. ? <br />
Get the hell outa that dam bucket .... take the like your legs cant stop..... check out google earth, find a little town away from where you are now.... get a job and start life anew....<br />
I know there is much to consider,, a whole lot of responsability... but sometimes you gotta do whats best for you... and to heck with everyone else....... and maybe...... just maybe that idiot in the bucket next to you just might want the same as you..... if you think it might be worth it,, just ask out of curiosity if there happy to leave there bucket as well..... who knows... God works in ways we never consider...