There's No Fine Line Between The Three

I'm very close with my family and I have several close friends who are like my family; some of them are biological family to each other. They're always there when I need or want them and are always ready to give me a hug if I feel like one. Some of them are even in the habit of giving me a hug when I didn't realise I wanted one ;-) My life would be incomplete without them.

I also have a lot of love for All That Is (my term for God, or one of the terms I use). As It is everywhere and is all-loving essence, I feel love for It as I believe that love is, fundamentally, what It is. An energy of love and light. It helps me in my life path.
I share this general belief and faith/love with most of my family and closest friends, which makes for a comforting home (the people I'm "at home with").
SwordAblaze SwordAblaze
18-21, M
Apr 17, 2012