God,love, And Truth Seeker

You Carry me,after they killed and buried me ,now of me they are scared of me,I love you,you me marry me Lord for you are the only one who would carry me,I will not cheat on you,my affair with the devil is finished and were through,though I must admit this to you,he still comes around and taunts and stalks me,he will not let me walk,you see I am tired of his lies,he haunts me and will not leave me be,I beg you to rebuke him for he will not leave me be.He started with tricking me by putting snakes out to assassinate me ,they came in broods and plethora's of vipers in the form of my own image i fear that was only the first round and i think i withstood that scrimmage,now the lower level has been opened.Out came Dragons beautiful they are and when they speak to me I am in awe of their beauty for they speak fire beautifully and i lust them so,God please never let me go I long for them they are so beautiful. I lust and am sexually impure and lust them when i am alone,just grant me a woman that is pure and that will remove these beautiful beast from tricking me and let her be twice as beautiful as the dragon. Lord I am in danger of walking away from you they hate me tease laugh and in your words i have no way to defend myself other than sin but i want to walk righteously and let them win,my armor is almost destroyed,my mind is rotten everything i learn the next moment it is all forgotten ,when will my enemys stop stealing and robbing and plotting. I am weak you are strong,I love you i am just lonely co dependent and an addict,lost and want to be found,please lord never set me down,I am honest loyal,a gentleman.woman claim to want these qualities,and i do not look ugly at all,why do they forsake me and hate me when all of them claim to want all these things I am Love and truth ,and seek only you and these things too, I am God,Truth and Love seeker,it just seems like an endless quest and i never get any rest,will i ever find you,love and an ounce of honesty,if the answer is no kill me lord because with out you ,Love and truth,my life will be through God Bless someone who is lost and I love you!!!
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
Sep 5, 2012