I'm Ready

wrecking your vessel your ship sank after i hit it with a tank what did you think,that i was unable to make bank,look back and reflect this was planned no less than perfect,I laid in the cut as an infection damaging anything that travels as a threat in my general direction all i wanted was your love and affection.Instead you poisoned me with drugs and lies yet i still love you and im on the rise its God's time and as his vessel will put you down back to your size what did you think that my God you could out think, it was his humility that let you think that the devil had divinity, here is a bit of truth not excepting your surrender G,It is God's time and i will back up anyone that has faith and refrain from being a wraith for God's sake,Jesus grand my vessel enough power to flood rain down on the faithful with money and show the devil how he is not funny lets crush them with their own money with out corruption for a brief moment lets give the faithful some money don't laugh it isn't funny grant me money and in-corruption and protection in Jesus name i pray amen im out you all have a nice day
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
Sep 20, 2012