The Greatest Blessing

How to start..? I'll start with birth, my mother instantly hated me. I was given to my dad as soon as I was born. I have been with my dad for 16 years, and ive only seen my mom at the most, 4 times in my life. And all 4 times she abused me; choked..thrown down stairs..beat with brooms and belts. She really did hate me and I couldnt figure out why. To this day she refers to me as "That thing she gave birth to". Now to my dad..when i was 6, he had raped me. He raped me until i was 11. By this point in life i thought it was just over..abused and raped? Who would want to live like this? I attempted suicide, but something stopped me. I figured now i might as well continue my life. I got into middle school and met who is now my best friend/sister,Lori. She invited me to her church with her one Sunday. My dad had only taken me to church 3 times. So i decided I would go with her to see what it was like! I had enjoyed church, but i also thought that i wasnt welcome because of all that had happened to me. Me and Lori became really close so i decided to tell her about my past. She told her family about me. Ever since they have been there for me..they took me into their family and called me their own! They started bringing me to church every sunday and from then on i felt like the past was just a bump in the road instead of the huge deal i was making it out to be! I felt Gods love, and i still do today. I pray and thank god everyday for bringing Lori and her family into my life, without them i honestly dont know where i would be today.
OnethingRemains OnethingRemains
22-25, F
Jun 11, 2013