THE Good and Bad Days,,,always Pray.

I love Jesus very much, and I disappiont him at times, and i was drifting away at one point,but I always came back. Or should I say he always came back for me. There is no word to describe God's grace, power and glory. I have experinced his mercy on my life and I ask myself "why?", "how?" Just goes to prove to me once more that there is no onelse on earth that compares to him. I have never meet anyone like God. Is not just about praying, fasting, and going to church. It 's about having a realtionship with him

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Cool i agree.. but one question how can God be disappointed in you if He already knows your every move,the beginning and the end? My dear if He was ever disappointed in you it would have been all wrapped up and dealt with on the cross. You are free.

I feel most of the time on must not good enough..

he didnt come back...he never left you.

very true. I have experienced this myself. God is truth.