The Greatest Love

About five years ago my life hit an all time low, drugs, alcohol and bad friends. I lost everything or so I thought. My wife, house, business, my next girlfriend whom I got engaged with, everything I knew fell to pieces.
Then one day just before a trade fair, outside a cheap hotel I sat down on the pavement. I was deep in my own thoughts when I decided to call on God. I looked all around me and it was almost as if I was just looking at a movie trough a big screen.
“God” I ask softly
“God I know you know me inside and out, and I know that I have not been the person U wanted me to be, but let’s start over.”
“God if You can hear me please show me a sign, show me that You have a sense of humor’ I can really do with a smile.” At that time I looked up and in the clouds a face of a clown, a smile came and then I burst into laughter. (just to clarify this was a clear picture and I was on no drugs)
This day was the turning point of my life,
God gave me one more sign that morning and from there He opened a whole new life for me, Yes it is difficult to stay on that small narrow road, but knowing that God loves me and that He never gave up on me is enough motivation for me to live my life completely for His glory.
If I can have one wish,
I’ll wish that every living person on this planet can see God love through my eyes.
Blessing to all and remember that God is always there and His love is neverending
Falcon2514 Falcon2514
36-40, M
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

I have been it your spot before. A few years ago going threw a tough spot in my life. I found an amazing church an then one weekend at a womens retreat, I got to experience the most beautiful thing ever... GOD. From that moment my life had changed, all doubts an worries just seemed to drift away.