He Is So Very Awesome

As I think of his goodness it brings tears to my eyes! He is so very Awesome and I have no clue where I would be wihtout his Mercy and his Grace. I have been through so many things in my short life and he has always watched over me. I have three children and after my 1st baby I was sick to the point where I could have died at the time I really and Trully didn't understand that it was him that was keeping me,I have had a failed marriage that i had part in the failure, I can confess that because I am not perfect nor am I expected to be. I just want to thank him for changing me for working on me, for his mercy and his grace and Dear God for loving me like know one has ever has. Thank you!

donshelmackey donshelmackey
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

God in spite of all I have said to him in my life,,,he still loves mary,,,,and I am sure if any of you have read some of my words,,,,you might would think he would be wanting to strike me down with a lightening bolt,,,,well he feels me more than anyone on this screwed up planet,,,,my sister she is such an Amercian snob,,,army brat,,,and has no real clue who I am,,,so I talk and I try to get some understanding from my family,,,which is such a sick joke,,,she tells me if I don't believe in America than I should leave,,,what ever,,,,that is so stupid,,,does she think I think its better any where else,,,well I don't this world sucks for me and I won't beable to do anything until,,,either God comes for me or I die,,,,so if I should a bit angry at times,,,,well excuse me,,,,its not that I have suffered more,,,its that I feel more,,,and I am sick of feeling,,,its turning in to a night mare,,,,,,they all want me taking my meds,,,and I just want everyone to leave me alone,,,and I am not talking about God leaving me,,,,because he won't,,,and no human can tell me any different,,,,because God talks to me,,,and tells me things that other people say is aprt of my illness,,,well I wish the stupid doctors would just shut everyone out of my head,,,,than I would not have to feel everything that is going on in this stupid world,,,God is so real to me that humans can not stand to have much to do with me,,,,I can not stand me either,,,I wish I never was born here,,,,it was a mistake,,,,Love does not need to be here anymore,,,,and no one care about the Mother anyway,,,,they just walk all over her,,,,steal her resources,,,and just trash her creation till nothing can live here any more,,,Mary