Tribute To Hans And Sophia Scholl, German Christian Martyrs.

 Tribute to Hans and Sophia Scholl, German Christian Martyrs.
"Though we witness signs, we walk by faith alone"
 Orlando Lujan Martinez,IWA

Hans and Sophia Scholl were German Christians who stood up to be counted. They were young college students who were caught distributing anti-Nazi literature in 1943 and were beheaded for their participation in The White Rose.

The book 'The White Rose' traces the history of the resistance movement by the same name and portrays Hans and Sophia Scholl as Christian martyrs:

"Their Christian Faith was a significant motivator in their open criticism of the Nazi regime. Hans and Sophia believed that behind all living things there is a creative force from God that gives you insight into yourself. For them, God was the mirror in which one can see and understand oneself with clarity. He was the essence of truth, the essence of beauty, the quintessence of existence and life, the evidence of victory over death and destruction"

This deep conviction enabled their mother and father to tell them, when they saw them for the last time: 'We are very proud of you'.

I have a photograph of Hans and Sophia Scholl on my living room wall. They are my heroes. The photograph captures the inner beauty that Hans and Spohia shared with the world; their faces shine with deep intelligence and a transfiguring kindness. The guard who led them to the guillotine reported later that Sophia was so serene that you could tell the God in whose name she performed noble deeds was there with her. Her last words were: " Lord, I have followed you to the cross and now I am ready to follow you Home."

God assures each and everyone of us that when we come to the cross, regardless of how we experience it, we will not be alone. With this understanding, I wanted to honour Hans and Sophia Scholl for teaching me, sixty-five years after their deaths, about the only passion that satisfies man's need to unite with humanity: the passion of Christ.

I went to Carrie Tingly Children's' Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to give a donation and have Hans and Sophia Scholl's name engraved on a bronze leaf of the Tree of Life in the reception area. The inscription reads: 'In memory of Hans and Sophia Scholl, German Martyrs of 1943.'
The Tree of Life in the reception area of a children's' hospital is a fitting place for them to be remembered. By sharing treasured memories of the past with others, we become part of the flowing river of Love that reminds us of the four great kinds of love: God, Family, Nation, and Nature.
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Jul 26, 2010