A New World!

I lived a full life, full of everything but still full of nothing. I went to church most sundays while growing up. (slept through most) LOL.
Then God spoke to me and I made the choice to follow in the road He laid out for me. My whole life changed, it was though my body and soul got a reboot. I've been living 110% for God for almost four years now and I can with full honesty say that I don't regret even 1 bit of my choice. God opens doors that I did'nt believe could be opened. If you think that its an easy road, it's not. God's rewards is more that enough to compensate for that.
Well hope you find some way to fullfill your part in life, I know that i'm doing mine.
Blessing to all !!
Falcon2514 Falcon2514
36-40, M
Aug 9, 2010