Helping A Fish

i was in Lebanon 6 months ago. i was walking by the sea near a store that sells fishes. i saw in that store a fish that was still breathing, it was still alive. i bought that fish and i went fast to the see, i threw it back in the sea, i helped it and saved its life. By the time it was moving in the water i started looking in the water near that fish, i saw a group of tall and thin yellow fishes that raised to the surface of the water near me. they were very beautiful, i started watching them moving peacefully in the water. i didn't plan to kill them or to eat them. i started thinking of my president that arabic Messiah. i wished that i am living at his time, where the fishes are living with peace, and all the creatures are living with peace. i promised myself  that i am going to help more  fishes and free them and save them all my life...
hisham1 hisham1
31-35, M
Dec 28, 2011