Understanding Who U Are To God

I was 19 when I got called but 21 when I finally answered the call.  I was in high school and the only way I survived that was with general discontent with the world around me and extreme sarcasm!  I was frustrated and being taught that God hears you, well I looked up and the sky  and asked God why there was so much crap in the world.  I went on to ask him why he created this  world and me in particular.  I did not expect a response, but  I heard a voice that said to me "come to me and I will show you. "  So I started reading more then what I had been taught years prior as a child.  I discovered baptism, but I took two years before I was ready constant questions.

I was in college only baptized 6 months when i finally realized God had been working in my life long before i herd the call.  I was in general psychology we were studying  depression and the effects of such.  I recalled when I was 13 and I had broke up with my first boyfriend and i was depressed and seriously meditating on suicide.  I heard the same voice as years later running only it said "Why are you doing this you are my child?"  I at the time equated that voice with my biological father not my Spirtual one but know I have no doubt both voices were of  that of my heavenly father whose name i have researched over the years and have come to understand it to be Yahuweh.   still rather you call him Yahweh, Jehovah, Yahoweh ,Adonine,  Abba or my father in heaven or just God he knows who you are talking to.

The part that is important is that we know who we are to him and who he wants you to be.  we are the lost sheep of the world when he calls us but he wants us to become his children.  He sent his son to die for our sins now that is love, a true class act!
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Love it!

Wow, that is an awesome story.

Beautiful Post ,thanx for sharing this...we all have our paths we follow that lead us to him if we listen...:-)

amen great post

Ive been offline almost a year and it feels good to be back to my experience project home!