God's Humor

God said:

“Of course I have a sense of humor. You must see that! How can I look at all the running around you do and not laugh? Or at least smile. Look at all the folly that men do. Look at the all the people who fall in love, then fall out of love and berate themselves that once they loved where now they no longer do. This is serious to you - yet don't you make light of soap operas? Look at all those who think a car is the real thing, or a dollar, or any of the fantasies that people surround themselves with. Tell Me, please, how can I not be laughing? I am rolling over in laughter. It is hard for Me not to laugh. And soon you will not be able to stop laughing either. When you know the inner stillness within you, you will see the absurdity of all that you call important - and you will not be able to keep a straight face either. We are alike. When your little child cries over a broken toy as if there was never anything so tragic, how distraught are you? When your child can't find her doll and is miserable, you help her find it. For your child's sake, you do not make light of the tragedy - yet you know it is not a tragedy at all - except as how your child views it. At the same time, you see how lovely it is that your child cares - cares so much about a toy, a doll, or a blanket - and that your child sees its dolly's wounds as loss or tragedy. Am I not at least as good as you? I see your tragedies in the same way. I treat you seriously - yet, all the while inside, I laugh - not at your bereavement, but in the knowing that there is no real cause for you to mourn. I do not let you see Me laughing because I address you where you are. I do take cues from you. I am not heartless, but want for you to laugh with Me. If you saw the vastness I see, you too would not be able to stop laughing. What is there not to laugh about? The sun comes out every day. When it cannot, it sends rain to you - and RAINBOWS - then dries up the rain again. You live in a world of such exquisite beauty - why aren't you doing somersaults? Why aren't you leaping for joy? Take others seriously - but not yourself. How can you not laugh at yourself? When you look at all your fears and foibles and how seriously you take them, how can you not have mirth? Yes, it's a good idea to laugh at yourself. Then you will for sure not take yourself so seriously. You will not take life so seriously - and at the same time - you will have more reverence for it. You will love it more - all because you do not take it so seriously. You understand, of course, that you have been taking life too seriously. You behave as though everyday life is a life and death situation. How many times have you felt you would die from embarrassment? And how many times have you actually died? The last time I looked, you were fine. When you are at the place where you can fully assimilate that there is no death - what then will there be not to laugh at?”

Earthlostangel Earthlostangel
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Will God laugh at me when I burn in hell? I know I won't be laughing. Thats why I take this life seriously.All things in their season, a time for joy, pain, obedience etc. And surely as this earth spins this will not change.

great post love it