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A Sacred Relationship with God

From several years i'm observing myself and was wondering what is so special in me that makes me different from others.. I feel my heart over whelmed when i look into the past and realize how much success i had achieved.. when i look into the future i see a bright light covering the whole picture and feel a strong hand over my head.. I feel the presence of God wherever i go.. whatever i do.. i feel the light in intense darkness and hear the sounds when no one's around.. In times when i had no one to talk to or no one to support me.. he was there with me.. all the way to the glory.. he strengthened me with his word and made me the man i am today.. 

I communicate with God and talk to him.. we talk about everything there is and the things there were.. and the things are to be.. and the things that will take place.. we communicate our ideas.. our emotions.. our strength to the very edge of each other... and make us believe in each other... 

The ones looking for his glory shall have to work for it.. and be worthy enough to get it... the ones who deny his presence shall also get his glory.. but in a wicked and more complicated way.. for ur information... he has no plans to punish anybody on this planet.. nor did he ever planned sufferings for u.. he has pain and sufferings for no one.. but lessons and guidelines for everyone..  U might now point out the disasters that took place during the infinite time behind our present.. do i have an answer for that?.. yes... will i tell u?.. no... i do not wish to share my lord with u.. i am mean and too selfish when it comes to him.. i do not want ur words to hurt him.. though they never can.. never did.. and never will.... but there's a reason behind everything that has ever happened on this planet.. or anywhere in this universe.. if u have the heart and the soul to accept his judgement u may also find out the reason behind it... but if u deny him completely u might never find out the truth behind life.. 

This story is my personal experience about life and do not want anyone to pollute the environment i have with God by giving their harsh comments here.. U have ur opinion.. i have my own... u keep urs with urself... i will keep mine with me... and live my life the way i want..... and not the way u want it to be...
Mickey9871 Mickey9871 22-25, M 2 Responses May 20, 2012

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that is amazing.

Yes... God is amazing.. :)

yeah he is. deffinately is.

Not just fine.. its awesome!.. =)


: )