when I was in sixth grade I really started believing in god. My mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and then the doctors didn't think she would make it. and i prayed and prayed, and then in 7th grade my best friend was a strong christian in tought me a lot. I have always felt like i'm going to hell though.. I lost my virginity and had sex before with 3 guys that I thought really cared about me. I have smoked. BUT with all that being said. I don't do anything like that anymore. I pray and ask for forgiveness.. it still haunts me to this day of all my mistakes. I feel miserable. but I feel like god, doesn't love me sometimes.
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Of course He still loves you! All you need to do is repent and turn to Him, and keep drawing close to Him.

There is only one thing to do for the past will always be on our conscious. Good luck:)