My First Experience With God And A Bit More

Without even knowing God, a week before He saved me, He delivered me from 22 years of alcohol addiction and 18 years of crank addiction. In one instance I had no desire for any more drugs or alcohol. I had no idea what had happened. Expected to crash and burn, but never did. One week later, I was standing outside of my home and God spoke to me, "Cathy, this way". My heart turned towards God and 6 months later I learned that I had been saved through Christ. I was saved even without knowing the name of Jesus for 6 months. I love God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Welcome Holy Spirit into my mind and feelings and always you are welcome to direct me and speak to me. I do not call myself a Christian, because "christians" have such a bad reputation for being hateful to the gay community etc.... I am not that way. God loves everyone, no matter what. God does not take our choices away from us. We (as believers and followers of Jesus) should not, by law or personal control, take away choices from other people who do not believe like we do. Trying to control what other people do, is not who God is and not who I am.
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Awsome! I love what you wrote and your view of people.
Now that is how Jesus expects his people to be non-judgmentle and accepting of others not only if they think the way we do. I so agree with you on this.
Great what the Lord did for you and called you by name, he is a great God.

thanks :) it took a lot of change and suffering to get here.. and a lot of therapy to heal my past. But it was all worth it. Glad to know there is someone out there who thinks like I do. I have only met one other person besides you. If you want to share, how did you come to thinking like this?? :)

I have and continue to be a Christian and from the age of 15, I am now 56.
Always been very active in the church etc. Have no objection to people going to church of course but as for me....when I stopped I saw God's world through different eyes and not that of the church. My eyes were open to ALL races and different faiths and accepted people for who and what they are, they didn't have to fit into a certain mould or box so to speak. Life has become exciting as I now speak to strangers and have met the most wonderful people of different beliefs but still Gods children. It has made me free and the world a more wonderful place to be in. I don't judge people because I no longer have the need to tell or try and force my opinions on others I think it's called Maturity in God. I could only hear him teach me once I left the doctrine of the church I was in. Hope you have an awsome day today.