I Wonder

In the days that Jesus walked on this earth as a man, and in the days when God went with his people to the promised land, and cities were destroyed because evil, there were no weapons of mass destruction, no hand guns are guns with many rounds per shot.

I can not help but wonder how he must feel as each child was carried back up to him, one by one as I know his heart melted for we all know he loves the little children of the world.

We tend to close our hearts a little tighter, as the news says "yet another shooter". Each time a little worse as we watch in dis-belief.

The evil one has declared all out war, and his angels are doing their homework, they look for our weakness, and they prey on it.

Fear takes the place of faith, anger towards God, as if he did the very act of evil.
we must fall on our faces, we must pray as one without ceasing. We must keep our faith, and fear only God.

We have to ask for his help, we must believe, we must know of this war, and we need to arm our selves with the word of God. The truth is between the pages of the bible, God is here and he is real. and so is Satan. do you know who you serve???
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Was sad what happen in the school at ct

yes it was

This is so true! Thanks for sharing

thanks, :)