A Grieving Process

I am in a grieving process. My maternal parental was such a horrendously bad parent. I was adopted (at three days old) into the most horrendously vicious and sick family. My innocence taken at infancy and that continued on for decades. Torture. Locked in closets. Beaten. screamed at constantly. the sexual and physical abuse so far out of my perspective that only God knows the vastness of it. Sexual abuse from both "parents" for decades. The grieving process hurts, but I know that when it is over I will feel better on the inside. Change hurts. a lot. I feel sick. Like I need to vomit, but nothing to vomit out physically. I guess my spirit is wanting to vomit out more crap that keeps me down. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. Thank God for healing. Thank God that there is an end to this at some point in my life. I have been dealing with the pain of healing and recovery from my childhood since November 5 2005. and I am still dealing with it. Only God knows the complications in my life because of the parents I had. May they rot in hell. May I soon be free and my husband home with me. Thank You Jesus for loving me. I need Your help
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((((((( mama12345678)))))))

Hoping for you.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

thank you adstars, thank you :) All praise for the Ancient of Days!

Human kind is weak and sometimes easily persuaded. The kind of people who acted on such evil persuasion, they were weak. We could say what science tells us, they were mentally ill or it was a repetitive cycle. When you open yourself up and see God in all things you will also see the evil that throws in its counterfeit. It may be hard and timely, but your heart that was hurt, let a fine keeper heal that for you. That fine keeper is also the keeper of my heart, Jesus Christ. It is vital to forgive those who have wronged you. Hate not the souls for God made them also, hate what they do. I will pray for you and I hope you keep to a Father that is very worthy of your love and trust. He loves you.

He is, He is soooo worthy of my love and trust. Thank you for your reply.. it helps my hurting soul .. God bless you and keep you always

God bless u ..I am so sorry this happened to u.

thank you.. God bless you too.. have a wonderful week

Wow that sounds horrendous, but I'm so thankful you're out of there now. Coming to terms with your past though is hard but you're writing and hopefully talking about it with people which is fantastic and God is a great healer.

thank you so much for reminding me that God is a great healer. For me, during grief it is impossible to remember what good there is. Thank you so very much for the reminder. My girlfriend reminded me that God is close to the broken hearted. God bless you