that is one of the ways that God speaks to me, in similitudes. I call them pictures. He gives me a picture of what is to come. A carbon copy of the original. God sends me a copy of what He is going to bring to reality. A carbon copy picture of God's reality picture.
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Which deity speaks to you?
How, exactly does this similitude speech work?

question #1: God speaks to me. Through my faith in Christ Jesus. Through the power of the Holy Spirit.
questions #2: Similitude speech is quite simple yet very difficult.
The Holy Spirit will show me a picture of what is to happen (or what will be) in the future. My faith in God and what He wants to do for me must be stretched to believe what God has spoken to me. God only wants the best for us, that is the simple part. The difficult part is sometimes what God wants for us is far outside of the human realm and sometimes seems illogical. But my faith must be moved to match God's faith for my life, God helps with the stretching of the faith too. But it takes A LOT work to have a great and close relationship with God. Submission, reverence, trust and without love for God there is no relationship. The relationship, just like any other relationship someone wants to keep, must be worked on all the time. Worked on to conform my ways to Gods loving, kind and accepting ways. I refuse to call myself a christian. The christians I have encountered and see (minus less than a handful) are judgmental, hateful and forceful. God is not that way. Good luck to you.

I think I understand. I have looked up the etymology for this deity, and I found out that the deity is German and is actually called 'gott', which simply means 'good'.
I now have learned something else about this deity, it has a mouth. What else does the deity have?
I think that I understand this 'similitude' speech, in that it works on opposites like simple and difficult or double-speak or mirror-image. What is the format and the mechanics for each of these?
Would you please ask gott to send you a picture of the future and then could you please let me know what the future looks like.

thank you for your questions. there are no mechanics or formats for God. He is Love. He is Spirit. He is all good. He is truth. There is no darkness in Him. He is Light. No one comes to Father God except through Christ Jesus. I would never ask God to send me a picture of the future and then let you, or anyone else know. Everyone has to do their own work with God for themselves. He speaks as He sees fit and when it will be a benefit for me and my life or a benefit for someone dearly loved in my life. Good luck. He awaits you.

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