My Love For God Won Over

I recently had to decide between God and my boyfriend.  

I know some will say that I shouldn't have tried to make it work with a non-Christian, but I accepted that he didn't share my beliefs and he claimed to accept the fact that I am Christian.

However, in the past month when the topic would come up his true feelings would surface and he would talk about God and Christians with such animosity that the final time it really chilled me to see the hate he harbored in his heart toward God.

It was though someone were saying bad things about my father.  God is such a core part of my life that it hurt to hear him being talked about with such disrespect and disbelief. Listening to my boyfriend talk and seeing the spirit on him just chilled me so I realized I couldn't be in a relationship with him anymore.  

He didn't understand when I broke up with him, claiming he was just "discussing" and that he could just not bring up the subject anymore.  I informed him however it was more than that- to know how he really felt in his heart was what was driving me away. 

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7 Responses Oct 24, 2008

I understand completely! I am with a non-believer and sometimes his words on God really hurts me. I understand now why the bible said that it is better not to be within non-believers because it really is a complicated situation and will bring a lot of suffering for both 'party'.<br />
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I think you made the right choice because this relationship would have make you really unhappy, it would have been unhealthy.<br />
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May God always be with you and guide you to someone that will correspond to who you really are :)

Congrats, heaven is really proud of you, thats the true test of love: laying all on the altar for Jesus as he laid down his life for us.God tells us not be unequally yoked with unbelievers,.God bless you.

The Holy Spirit is an awesome gift. You were right in the beginning. It would be a major mistake to be unequally yolked. God loves us before we knew him. If you make him Lord of your life it would be very painful to submit to your husband. Pray for a husband who lobes the Lord more than he loves you. Then you can have an awesome relationship as he will love you as Christ loved the church. How is that, he died for the church. I have been married nearly 40 years and I have no doubt that my husband would stand between be and death if he had a chance.

As long as God doesn't love one, one can not love God. Patience is the best about that matter.

If you hold onto something or someone really dear to you and another person treats that thing or person with animosity and disrespect, it is hurtful. <br />
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I agree that you can accept that your boyfriend's view of god is different to yours - that is still loving him unconditionally; but if he treats your beliefs with animosity and hate, that seems to indicate that he is not accepting of your beliefs.<br />
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Maybe he claimed to love you, but I think a large part of loving someone is having respect for the things and people you love as well. <br />
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In some ways it's like him saying he loves you, but while doing that he goes around bashing your child. I trust and pray that God will bring someone into your life who shares your love of God and who can build you up and encourage you in your faith - as no doubt you will for him too.

This is so touching (:

wow. you love God so much... and yet you don't have the capacity to love others as you love yourself? doesn't God preach this? why can you accept different ways people or your bf view GOD? people think different and if for you GOD is your father am happy you feel that way and if your bf says well my God is not like a father , my god is a tree ... THEN WELCOME that also, because what i have understood GOD is, everything, EVERYTHING.... and incluiding however your bf 's vision of god is .... thats his way of viewing god... acceptance is GOD. LOVE is GOD. UNCONDITIONAl LOVE... Do you know what that means? UNCONDITIONAL? Thank you 4 sharing.

But he disrespected her beliefs! That's not unconditional love. She loved him, but he didn't love her. That is not a good relationship.

I too broke up with my girlfriend for God, even though we loved each other very much. Being unequally yoked means trouble. We were miserable in the end, even though we loved each other dearly. I loved her more than my own family, but I saw that a future together would be an unhappy one, because we had such different world views and we were seeking different things in life. I still love her unconditionally, she is an amazing person. But we grew apart as a couple.