He Loved Me First

I grew up in a family that went to church. As I was growing up I went to church because they went to church. Sometimes, I would wonder to myself "what are the chances that I was born into a family that believes in the right religion?"
As became a teen, I thought maybe I've been too sheltered, I'm probably missing out on the "fun" stuff. I chased everything I thought might make me happier: alcohol, drugs, and sex. As most people know, these things make you happy for a fleeting moment, then leave you feeling very empty and lonely. Our instinct is to have sex again asap, where can I get my next joint? Who do I wanna drink with this weekend? It's a spiral downward.
But God reminded me of Him! God is where I find my peace, where I find my identity. God is who loves me unconditionally. God pursued me and helped me realize that everything else is empty.
This doesn't mean my life is cake. God still stretches me. It reminds me of a dad in a pool, asking his son who can't swim, to jump into his arms. "Trust me. I want you to trust me." The great thing is, is that because I know He loves me, and I know He controls all things, I can really know rest. I can relax knowing that He will provide me work when I am trusting Him for it. I can know that He will provide everything I need as I look to Him as my help. Of course I fail Him, but He still loves me. One of the hardest things for me to grasp was that He is patient with me, He doesn't expect me to be perfect, and He is more than willing to accept me and forgive me no matter how many times I mess up. We ALL need that! We all need Him.
God loves me, and I love Him. It is a relationship. That is how He wants it.
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You are absolutely right. Wonderful testimony. My upbringing was strangely synonymous to yours. But to love God with all my heart is something I struggle with. Im not sure how to love. The same temptations seem to overtake me and sometimes I feel as if I turn my back to him, only to sober up and be completely ashamed. I also don't spread his word as often as I should. I appreciate you sharing, I needed to read your words on this day. God bless you.

I Dont think that any god is in any form real and i think its a waste of your time and everyones but i guess if you need a supernatural being to make your life seem worthy and to keep you being a decent person its ok i feel that educated people dont need the promise of heaven to perform good deeds but hay not everyone is educated these days all the best

ps if you feeling bad their are specialized people to help real people :)

thank u so much it so true God loves us so unconditional

Well written, beautiful testimony. I feel as if atheists are missing out on ridiculous "theories" which are not a definite proof. God however, is. I went to school with atheists, they never wen't far, most dropping out of college, I was a catholic at the time, and I continued into my dream job. Without God, I would have been just like them. Amen to your story, God bless you.


i think u can make ur life more colourful except alcohol, drugs, and sex . U can make a lot of friends and can read a lot of books .God is just a belief .donot make it real alive

Books cover knowledge only as far as the human mind can go. But the Bible, which is the Word of God, is living and breathing. Why do you think that Christianity has lasted so long, even after so many people have been persecuted because of it? Surely if it wasn't true, and if God wasn't real, everyone would have simply forgotten about it by now. But it is as old as the world, and even older. http://www.deadseascrollsfoundation.com/

God is just a belief,who wrote the Bible ?Human ,right ?People need belief.and Belief makes u more self- believable,this is a positive atitude,so what decides u is your own mind,atitude,I think.

Great story! The Lord is still in control and rules over all the world.<br />
Keep putting your trust in God.


Thank you jburns1947 for your post. I could feel the Holy Spirit sending goosebumps down my body as I read your story. I have a story also. I grew up in the church, but in my family I was an under-achiever in a family of over-achievers. I just knew by the time I was 18 that I was bad and so I lived a life of making bad decisions. Things became very negative for me and I lived that way for 25 years or so. But soon I became desperate and wanted these negative issues to go away. So one night I cried out to God to take this hurtful "thing" away and instantly it was gone. Boy, what a surprise that was. It was an uphill battle, but I have learned that God wants us to depend on Him and to call on His name for trouble and I am much better off now. Praise the Lord!

ummm ....what has god done for you ......if its a relationship what has he contributed

God has saved my life. I am alive today because of Him. He brings me joy everyday. God loves you and knows you better than you know yourself. When you believe in God and repent of your sins, and are "born again", you can then have a relationship with God. This is all because God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for everyone's sins. If you believe, you will not perish. The price for sin is death. I deserve death, but I will live because Jesus died in my place, a perfect sacrifice for all of mankind's sin. There is plenty of proof that God is real; look around. All the heavens will rejoice over you if you come back to the Father.

Jesus changes us when we turn to him: changes from bad to good, from miserable to happy, from reserved to free...I experienced that after I repented...

My parents never took me to church. I went a few times with friends. Church seemed like a mysterious secret society. When I was in my early 30's, neighbors invited me and my son to their church. My son went - I didn't. A short while later we moved and I started a new job in a small office. This was in answer to my former neighbor's prayers. I could tell instantly that my coworker was a special person. She played a Christian station on the radio everyday, but didn't try to beat me over the head with her personal beliefs. I sat back and watched her go through trials with grace and a peace that I knew I wanted for myself. I visted a church nearby and the secret was revealed to me. I was born again Oct. 1979 and my life has never been the same. I am a "New Creation in Christ". I've been with God for 30 years now and we are closer than ever in spite of all the trials and suffering I have endured. There's not a doubt in my mind about His love and care for me. It was the wisest decision I ever made. I just regret that I wasted so many years without Him, but He has REDEEMED even those and brought good out of them to me and for His glory.

it was great to read your story..and i agree God loves us so very much and He always ready to forgive and forget..THANK GOD FOR THAT.

God is love....period.

Amen to that.

I am so blessed by your testimony and it resembles mine..looks to me that as a young man the possibilities for you life in God are only limited by your willingness to "jump in the pool" Thank you for allowing us to read something so personal to you...

I don't think it is possible. I think that you can have a relationship with Him like I do. I really do believe that.