Hey God...I'm writing this to you and only you...I've lost hope..again. ha this probably doesn't come as a surprise for you. I'm still angry at you for taking my mother away you know..I was aware of the fact that she was sick, I prayed every morning that she could get better...I've been loyal to you..yes of course I'm a sinner, I do wrong, I disobey you but you chose to take her away from me..you knew that it would hurt me... destroy me..but you did it anyways.. and to top it off you put me in a family that hates me, a misunderstanding was caused yet you let it happen. You let them call me all these insults. While they getting blessed I'm getting destroyed. To be honest I don't think being a "christian" is worth this. I don't know if loving you is worth all this pain. It's like you don't give a damn about me. I've noticed the fact that people who don't believe in anything most of the time live a good life so then I ask myself, why am I christian?? I mean I could turn a blind eye just like the devil did to you. At least he gets your attention. Sorry for being "disobedient" but I felt like I had to say this. So go ahead take the most important people in my life away from me as punishment That's what you good at right? After all this I still love you. I still pray to you. I give you all my praises. But I request one thing from you..One simple thing from you... prove to me that you are the God of love. Prove me wrong. That's all I ask of you..just prove me wrong.. Amen.
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I feel ya, stay strong.

praying for you

Thank you I appreciate it