God Is Love

I think of these three words ( I love GOD ) they are so precious to me that in the bad times I can see no light but his , I think who ever stop loving him will loses his heart to no where and for ever .GOD has implanted us with the feeling of love to all of us , yet lot of people remove it form their existance to a point where they have no love to any one , it is here where GOD has forgot them .

lilianne lilianne
46-50, M
5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Amen to that.

You are right tenderprinces GOD has put u to the utmost test to see how much your love can endure , and since you have mentioned that it was GOD love that passed thru these difficult times , You had a special treatement from him , I hope you have passed the test

thank you cntryloner that was great clip, it is true all what have been said about GOD , he is great

Very welcome! It brought tears to me and I was hoping to be able to put it some where. I am glad that you found it :)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have :)<BR>http://www.theinterviewwithgod.com/popup-fr<x>ame.html<br />
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