"I Love God"

On one fall evening I was helping a close friend harvest corn.  As I was involved in my work and no one else mattered. I Did something that as growing up was taught not to do. But I was on a path to self  destruction. I batted an ear of corn into a running machine got pulled in and for 30 mins was fighting to get out. As in this time I asked out loud with a tone of death. PLEASE LET ME DIE ,PLEASE LET ME DIE,PLEASE LET ME DIE. Warmness set in and I was saved cause GOD decided at that time he was not letting me do what I wanted anymore.


 This happened 4 months ago and I thank the great Lord  and the ALMIGHTY FATHER of saving my life. He is the word . And his one and only son died for humanity and was born again in three days. I truely believe I was spared for as he has a plan. Was injured traumaticly 28 NOV 08 AND WAS OUT OF ICU ON 30 NOV 08. 3 DAYS.  I LOVE MY LIFE AND HAVE BOTH HANDS MISSING..  I do believe...............

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Again very kind and warm comment ! Thank you Btrfly9 !

Isn't it funny how we try to tell God what to do? We try to change His plans. Isn't it funny how God puts us in a position in life that we have no choice but to see Him right then and there? Your story has strengthened my faith. May God bless you and all that you touch!

Thanks all !

Very true thank you reedemed !

Nice story! Of course He has a plan for you. Ask him to reveal it to you. You have a lot of courage. Everything that happens in our lives, God uses it for his glory and our good. God loves us even more than we love ourselves. It's hard to comprehend, but it's true. What a gracious merciful God we serve. I too have experienced that mercy, grace, and love.<br />
Take care.

Thanks all ....

Thanks salamisislam .....

It was not your time to go ! You are very lucky to have such a positive way of thinking, that is another blessing from God. Good luck !

Thank you Kim Smiles..

Thank you bluebutterfly.. He has his reasons for you.....

Thanks Joywish.

Meg thanks for commenting I appreciate that........

WOW! You were saved for some reason and I believe that you touching everyone here with your stories and your inspiration is one of those many reasons. <br />
<br />
Good luck now that you are on the way to perhaps gaining new hands that will be blessed by the man who saved you and gave you another chance to live :-)

Thanks for your comment and kindness.

I feel the same. Thanks for checking the story out....

Thank you msp...

Not religious myself darlin' but not opposed to it either. I am grateful you made it with such fight and determination and I'm glad that we have you here with us lighting up our EP.<br />
<br />
xoxo<br />

reflections 3 Thank you so much for your comment. I truely appreciate from my heart...GOD BLESS

The Almighty has plans for us that we cannot know.<br />
Your faith sustains you and he will give you gifts that you would only dream of. <br />
<br />
I will keep you in my prayers. You are courageous and have a lot to offer this world and this forum.<br />
<br />
Blessings Always