I Love God

I love God.  When I asked if He was there and if He could help me He did.  My relationship has continued to grow ever since.  I can't help but feel so very lucky.  I mean why me.  He's the Almighty and I'm just one person, but He's such a loving God.

IamGone IamGone
41-45, M
8 Responses May 7, 2009

Amen to that TexasLily.

He showed me He existed and was a real living being.

How specifically did He help?

This is such a sweet and beautiful testimony, and the comments are amazing as well. Thank you for sharing Henry64 :)

For sure. I wouldn't care if I was the only person on earth who believed, I would still believe because in my heart I know He's there.

^-^ yea..God is really great and without Him I wouldn't be here on earth :) I love Him with all my heart, He is my lord and I don't care if He helps me or not I just know that He is there and He exists..no matter what others say, I still believe in Him.


Awesome testimony. Thank you.