The Satan

The thing that makes all the evil and the bad work on the earth is one creature that is called the satan or is called the devil.The satan is the source of the evil,the satan sends all the evil thoughts to the minds and the hearts of the human beings.The satan makes the human beings lie,steal,kill,and the satan makes them do all the bad deeds.If the satan is not found and does not exist,then the humans will be like little babies:i mean that they never think of making any bad work,and they will live in complete happiness and pleasure.The satan hurts the spirits and the unseen of the human beings,but not their bodies,in other words the satan makes the human beings feel sad,boredom,unhappy.Prophet Muhammad said that the satan lives in the sea or ocean,i beleive that the satan lives in a place in the bottom of the ocean ,there where the mermaids and mermen live.The satan should be blind.The satan has bad and unbeautiful shape.The satan has the ability to feel the humans,but the satan can not see the humans since the satan is blind.The satan lived thousands of  years hiding in a place or castle underwater.The satan considers the satan the creater,but the truth is that the satan is a creature.There will be a time in which the satan will leave the water,and the human beings will see the satan,the satan will ask the human beings to say that the satan is the creater.The reason that will make the satan leave the water is the anger because of the appearence of the mahdi,the satan will be disturbed and confused because the mahdi starts to make peace on the earth,so the satan desides to fight the mahdi,so the war of imagination will start,the people will start imagine things that are not real,all that is because of the effect of the satan on them.then the satan will start loosing the spiritual effects and abilites.the satan will be weak.Then the holy Jesus the son of holy Mary will come from the heavens to support an help the Mahdi.Jesus will kill the satan,since the Mahdi never kills.After the satan will be killed then the peace will be on the earth,and in the universe,the babies will play with snakes:the baby can put his hand or her hand inside the mouth of the snake considering it a toy,but the snake does not hurt the baby.the wolf will eat grass with the sheep,some people will fly with angels,there will be no fights,no disease,no suffering,bringing a dead man to live again will be a common thing ,after the satan will die then the peace will be on the  whole earth...

hisham1 hisham1
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

I believe there is a Satan, but as weak human beings we need God's Holy Spirit to overcome temptation. Without, we are fighting a losing battle. Satan is very devious and tricks us into making wrong decisions - he even uses Scripture against us like he did with Jesus in the wilderness. Satan also sets up false religions which look holy, but aren't, they are just cults which lead people astray. We need God's guidance in everything, and need to ask His Holy Spirit for it.