The Mermaid

A lot of people in the world beleive that the mermaid is an imaginary creature,or a legend ,a lot of people say that mermaids and mermen are not real.But the truth is that the mermaid is a real creature: the upper half of a mermaid's body is human,but the lower half of her body is fish.The scientists in our world beleive that it is impossible to have a baby if the sexual ***** of a man was mixed with the sexual substance of a fish,but the friends of the satan have that knowledge:they mix the ***** of a human man with that of a fish in a certain way and they make the father of a mermaid is a human man,but the mother of a mermaid is a fish.the satan has labs in which the friends of the satan make experiments.i beleive that there will be a time in which all the people can see the mermaids and mermen.The mermaids live in the bottom of the ocean:there where the satan is hiding.The satan doese not want the memaids to go to the surface of the ocean because the satan doese not want the human beings to know about the satan.There are human women taking care of the nice and innocent creatures that are called mermaids

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Has anyone ever met one of these human women who are caring for these mermaids?