Someone Claims That The True God Of The Universe Is Coming Now!

I just read an website article about this

ROAR that scientists are hearing coming from space.

Forget the site - but just search for Roar Heard In Space!

And that all these earthquakes are going to increase because God is coming!

It's entirely legit - this news has come from NASA!

Anyway I found this site where someone claims that the True God is coming now!

Very strange..but then..?

Rhodium Rhodium
2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

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Satnaam jee God never Comes and Goes he is always present darling of Lover , he is past, future and present and beyound that he is beyound the limits of any kind but he gets into trap of love and he loves to be in that trap this creation is his love, u are his love , yes darling u are his love forevere no one else , he is truth all is false temperory all is he in Fact No one else , we get different names by our so called parents those names are his qualities , his name he is every where we seek love in all our life , after endless running after desires we come to still and abide in his love of feet satnaam.