Ticklish Bare Feet

I love to go barefoot, and I have ticklish feet as well, which sets me up to be tickled.
Who else has ticklish bare feet ?
Love2Tickle Love2Tickle 41-45, M 3 Responses Aug 28, 2010

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I have two naughty little boys who love sneaking up on me and tickling my bare soles. I can never really get them back though, because they go barefoot everywhere and have soles like leather. I love having them go barefoot like that. I've always loved barefoot boys, but it's always also been really important to me as a girl to keep my own soles soft and nice, so there's no going barefoot for mom when we're out walking. It's an old fashioned boy/girl difference that the boys really do respect as much as I do, and have told me they would never want to change, but they still think it's fun to tickle my soft soles. I howl when they do it, but I really enjoy it:)

Yep, that was me, but wow have I ever changed:)
I'm always barefoot now, just like my boys.

i do, and loves it!

being barefoot is the ultimate joy. My feet are so ticklish, I can't even walk in grass without it making me laugh myself silly.