Except When It's Cold!

I love going barefoot.  I love the summer when shoes are optional, especially round the house.  Unfortunately, winter is coming towards us and socks and shoes become a necessity!  Such a shame.
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5 Responses Sep 6, 2011

<b>i live in a snowy region also but am <i>still</i> barefoot year-round everywhere!</b><br />
some of the looks i get while walking or running barefoot in winter are priceless!

Wow - I get chillblaine on my toes when it's cold and I don't keep them warm. You really don't want them, they itch like h#ll !!

Here in Florida except for work, shoes are optional. Flip flop rule here. <br />
I only were shoes for protection of feet.

Where I live it's too hot to go with out shoes in the summertime

What you need is someone to rub and carress them gently mybe a little tongue that gets the blood flowing better!!

I love to go barefoot also are you one of those woman who's feet get cold in the winter and have to wear socks to bed??

I hate wearing socks in bed - but yes, unfortunately my feet do get cold in winter and I find it hard to warm them up! Hotwater bottle works well!