Try Going Barefoot

I LOVE going barefoot and I've managed to keep my feet bare and free ever-since November 2009, almost 4 years ago! I'm used to a life on bare soles and I don't think I'll EVER imprison my feet again! Walking barefoot is AMAZING!!! If you're barefoot you're able to FEEL the ground! Would you wear gloves all-year-round? Nopes! So: Why shoes? Being in touch with Mother Earth, letting the energy flow freely isn't that bad, after all, Right? Plus: It's very refreshing and stimulating (ever heard about the reflex zones in our feet?)! Join me for a rather longish hike, preferably in the mountains, and let's see who gets tired first! Walking barefoot is stimulating: In every sense! There's more: The ecological impact is far less dramatic (erosion!) if you're hiking in a natural environment (ever thought about what your heavy hiking boots do to the ecosystem?). It's also communicative to a degree you wouldn't expect: Traveling a lot I've made more than one friend explaining WHY I'm roaming around barefoot! Somehow you're more defensive, less aggressive if barefoot. There are many aspects, but what really counts is the sensual factor: The "barefoot feeling"! It's not only about feeling the ground beneath our soles, every change in texture or temperature, the difference between lawn and concrete, tar and marble, but also about feeling free in many ways! If you don't know what I mean: Leave your shoes at home and experience the freedom, the freshness, the air touching every inch of your feet. Try it once and you'll never want to wear those "little prisons" again!

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1 Response Nov 22, 2012

Wow! I'm jealous lol I'd love to ditch my shoes and go barefoot 24/7 but I'm too shy