My (unwitting) Transition Into Being Permanently Barefoot......

Suffice it to say that i NEVER would have envisioned that as a grown adult, i would wind up haplessly given to living what is left of my life without the luxury of owning nor wearing shoes again, let alone socks!!! But, that is precisely where i find myself at this moment......finally surrendering to the very sobering reality that this is apparently my fate, which i am powerless to change/control! i lost the only pair of shoes that i owned after losing everything i ever owned some 14 months ago, when i was accosted, robbed at gunpoint, and left naked in an alley for dead! i have tried desperately to acquire some shoes for myself since, to no avail whatsoever! i simply can not justify spending money on a luxury like shoes given the fact that i have actually done just fine without any since winding up on the street!! Not certain what tripped me out more at first---losing everything and winding up penniless, destitute, and homeless on the streets, or having to walk around all day barefoot! i actually "chose" to remain barefoot over getting myself off the street and into a room somewhere--i vowed that saving money for the move in on a room has to be foremost! Well, still livin in my secret spot under a an overpass/alternately, a sweet spot in the public park that affords me the only possibility of providing for myself financially {yup, as embarrassing, humiliating, and disgusting as it is, it's the only means i have of keepin this fat belly o'mine growin!}but thanks to my strict discipline with what little $$ my fat *** does make in the park, i've managed to save nearly enough to move into the shithole room above the park, finally be off the ****** street! After i move in that room, then i will aim for first some pants that i can cram my fat *** into, then a shirt, then shoes!
BTW, i am not your atypical homeless/streetwhore--far from it!Gotta be the only Ivy League Magna *** Laude in history to wind up homeless, barefoot, workin the street!
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How did getting mugged also ***** you of your house/apartment, all your other possessions, and bank account?

Sorry for the delay in replying but, i was in a position where i had only very limited access to the net until just now. Logical question that you had--i should have been more concise with regard to the events that actually caused me to lose everything (e.g. as you mentioned, house/all my other possessions, bank account--even, unbelievably my given legal name. as well as legal rights! i was abducted and subsequently held captive for ransom as a hostage in 2006 {alongside up to 11 other hostages, whom i was held captive with}. During the 3+ yearlong ordeal, i gradually lost everything that i had ever owned prior to becoming captive--my lucrative job, home, etc as nobody bothered to step in and keep my financial affaires in order so, i lost it all. As if this was not disheartening enough, a very contentious lawsuit against my former employer, American Airlines was tried and settled in abstentia whilst i was captive, impacting me financially to a massive degree. Most significantly, the mother of my 5 sons, whom i had lived with on-and-off for the prior 26 years was somehow able to persuade a court to grant her an "uncontested seperation of Common Law Partner" legal ruling, which translated into her quite literally bleeding every last cent i had! In light of the above misfortunes, this all meant that i began my new "life" following my release from captivity basically penniless, indigent, and given to living on the street. my 2d night on the street, i was mugged, robbed, and raped on the street near skid row, left wearing only my jeans--they took my only pair of shoes, as well as my shirt! With no choice other than to accept and adapt to walking the streets in barefeet, without a shirt on--which i believed at the time was only a temporary setback! Sadly, i am really no further along with my financial intentions/goals enough to be able to justify buying any shoes, shirt, or panties!

Sounds like total BS.

It strikes me as not only astounding but ridiculous that you are so quick to dismiss me as BS! WHY on earth would i make up some story such as that--particularly one which renders me destitute, pathetic, and far from appealing to others!? In case you did not get it, the whole purpose for my coming to EP was in hopes of meeting others who might be cool enough to accept the "new me," refraining from the usual judgement/dismissive superior attitude which has been prevalent since i became destitute! i assure you, i would NEVER waste my time inventing any story unless it made me look better than i look at present!

People post on the 'net for attention, for jollies, of for any number of bizarre reasons. All you had to do was go to the police. Actually, if it was a kidnapping for ransom, the FBI would have been involved. And what's special about you that would make anybody want to kidnap you? Typically, only famous or wealthy people get kidnapped.

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