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Does anyone else get a charge out of displaying his feet? I dig exhibiting my feet, especially when they're nicely blackened after a long day of barefooting. Sitting with one foot crossed on the other knee is a favorite mode, like on buses or at the clip joint. But my favoirte is the gym--I get away with working out barefoot on Sundays when it's not staffed. There's nothing like flexing your toes while pumping iron and knowing everyone is checking out your feet. I suppose it's a variety of exhibitionism.
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I love the way you talk about your feet being "nicely blackened after a day barefooting" and the way you describe how you like to sit with one foot crossed on the other knee! Its quite a sexy image, Id love to see you! And after our conversation earlier, its good to know you can still get away with working out in bare feet at your local gym when its not staffed! Funnily enough, Im going to my local gym this afternoon, the small one nr me, but I don't feel like out barefoot in that when there's other folk around! At the bigger gym that I haven't been to for years, I didn't mind going into the resistance and weight room when it was busy, you'd think it wd be the other way round lol I wd only workout in bare feet at my local if I had it to myself, or if their was one other guy there who I liked the look of cos it might attract his attention and encourage him to do the same, then we could have a nice workout together :) maybe Ill get lucky this afternoon!

After a long day out barefoot I love going out and showing off my bare, fithy feet, espcecially if they are really black underneath, or better, with mud between my toes. I love the looks and comments I get, especially as I am normally on crutches and shirtless as well.
Is there anywhere you wouldn't go with your dirty bare feet?

Totally, love showing my feet off on public transportation, at the movies, when eating out, etc. hot photos.

Great to meet others with this interest, which i truly believed was just something that i alone was into! i have unfortunately learned since becoming permanently barefooted that most of my friends fail to appreciate and/or understand it! In fact, a lot of people tend to look down on especially going barefoot, as if it would only be done by streettrash or whatever! But, i have learned to just ignore those type reactions to going barefoot--i just look at it from the point of view that they have no idea what a cool pasttime they are cheating themselves out of! If nothing else, stupidity such as that only serves to make more determined than ever to continue going barefoot and shirtless! How long have you been going barefoot and shirtless?

yeah....i must admit that i have most def begun to get off on the fact that i walk about the city permanently barefoot everywhere that i go (and, have been forced into doing so for the past 14+ months! Initially horrified by the prospect of being bereft of shoes, somehow once i decided to quite fighting the delusion that living without a single pair of shoes to put on my feet, inexplicably i began to not just accept my fate but, actually be proud of and get off on showing off my perpertually exposed bare feet! Even i have caught myself on the bus, in a doctor/social worker/counselor's office making certain that at least one of my feet was positioned in such a way that my blackened soles were glaringly visible! Strange that i can not really account for the switch in my attitude about my new barefoot lifestyle!

I love showing off my dirty bare soles, and since I too was forced to do so, it is an even bigger turn-on. Then when I was told I would have to spend at least a couple of weeks not only barefoot, but shirtless as well it was even hotter! Now I really love getting around with filthy bare soles and srtipped to the waist, making sure my dirty soles and exposed nipples are seen by as many people as possible!

P.S. I also work out in a string tank, for exactly that reason--keeping my nipples displayed. I'm habitually shirtless all summer, and wear a string on the light rail or wherever "shirts are required." It's good to meet someone else who likes the presentational aspect of going barefoot and shirtless.

I thing barefoot and shirtless looks awesome! Nothing beats bare feet with black soles and bare nipples on full display.

i couldnt agree more--cant imagine anything sexier than that, and i am delighted to do my part in making the barefoot, shirtless look the "in" look!

Barefootshirtless, why don't you post some closeups of your nipples and dirty feet in your profile? Then you'll get national exposure!

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