Barefoot In A Junk Yard

I think the weirdest/coolest place I have been barefoot was a junk yard. The girl at the office was making comments about how cold I must be as I was standing at the counter talking to her bare chested and on crutches. She though I might have trouble getting across the yard with my crutches and she said she would come out and show me where to go.
Whne she opend the door and came out front she noticed my bare feet (actually bare foot, the other one was in a cast, which is why I was on crutches). She said there was no way I could make it with a bare foot as well.
I assured her I was really good on crutches and the sole of my bare foot was really tough and I could stand on almost anything without trouble. She shook her head, and then told me to follow her. We want outside and went right to the back of the yard, across oily concrete, through long grass (a real ***** to handle on crutches), dirt, mud and even bits of broken window glass. It was awesome! I worked up a real sweat getting around on my crutches and she seemed to enjoy watching my bare shoulders and chest getting a work-out, but she seemed to be making sure my bare foot was getting every challenge imaginable. Every time we went over another seemingly barefoot-impossible surface she would ask how my foot was.
It was... filthy, the blackest I have ever seen it, and I consider getting my bare feet dirty a compulsory challege every day
barefootshirtless barefootshirtless
41-45, M
Jan 11, 2013