I Danced With An Angel Katie Holmes!

Okk, so to preface how this amazingly cute, looks like Katie Holmes girl (did you really think I danced with Katie Holmes? lol o keep reading don't quit on me!)  became an angel to me, I should give everyone some background information.

Almost a month ago, I got dumped by my girl friend of many years, throughout college and all. There were no signs and it came out of the blue. I was completely devastated and my world was completely dark for three days. In those three days, I could barely eat or drink, didn't go to work, couldn't function as a human, and just generally going crazy. Even after those three days, I was going through A LOT of pain. Only people who gave someone their heart without reserve for a long time then get blind-sided would know how it feels. So even a few days ago, I was going through ups and downs, and by ups I mean just feeling normal after exercising for an hour and the endorphin is doing its job in my brain, and by down I mean just depressed like I want to melt into nothing or die.

So last week, my best friend was organizing a party bus to go clubbing with his band friends from college. I was invited, but I didn't know anyone because I wasn't in band. Also, I HAVE NEVER GONE CLUBBING BEFORE. But I figure I should try something new. Heck, better than sitting at home and mope on a Friday night right? If I have a terrible time, things can't get worse than they are now anyways.

So the bus picks everyone up from a band member's apartment. I went with my friend and was there chilling for about an hour before everyone arrived. And that's when I saw her, along with many other hot girls. And as they walked in, my college roommate introduced me to all of them. I felt like the bachelor in the first episode of the season of The Bachelor, meeting all these hot girls and trying to remember all their names all at once. 

I saw her, but I didn't think much of it at the time. There were just too many cute girls around, but I did think she looked familiar for some reason... Then the next day I realized she looks like KATIE HOLMES!! With that sweet face and slender figure o my gosh she was so beautiful and cute. And her smile o my gosh. It's so sweet it makes honey seem like plain water.

Anyways, we hopped on the limo-style party bus (there was a pole for the ladies!!! it's a real legit party bus!), and had some alcohol and everyone was getting in the groove. I was still not really feeling it because I knew no one there and was feeling awkward. 

We got to the club and we started dancing. Initially I felt awkward because I knew nobody, but the music was good and I was tipsy, so I got my groove on and moved with it. Then my roommate told this one girl to dance with me. Man I wasn't prepare for the sensory overload that came next. We grinding and I caught a full whiff of her sweet smelling hair and to feel her body move against mine and I HAVE NEVER GONE CLUBBING BEFORE. It wasmind-blowing. Anyways, after the song, she excused herself, and I noticed that she was into my roommate and wanted to dance with him (and she did for the rest of the night) so I was smart enough to keep clear of her. I don't want to mess up a good thing for my awesome roommate you know.

So then I was dancing by myself again for a bit. Then the Katie Holmes girl (hence forth known as Katie Holmes) pulled me close to her and started dancing with me. I don't know why she did it. Felt sorry for me? Out of the kindness in her heart? I looked not half bad? She was drunk enough? I don't know. So we started dancing and she was even more sensual. I had my hands around her hips and somehow her hands got there too and our fingers locked, and she led my hands down her outer thigh. It was just sooo sensual and she was sooo sexy. And she was sweating a bit and I had my sleeves rolled up so I felt her hot bare skin on my arms. 

We danced like that for two songs or so, then one of her friends subbed in. Then for some reason we stopped. Then after I took a bathroom break I danced with another girl from band. Her boyfriend was there too but he was really cool, and she danced with me and pulled on my tie and played with it. That was so sexy.... She probably saw me dance alone again and wanted me to have a good time, so she started dancing with me. I had a lot of fun but I stopped after a while because I could feel the boyfriend wanted to dance with her.

I learned a few things through this clubbing experience. First of all, ALWAYS HAVE YOUR ID AND CREDIT CARD!!! CREDIT CARD!!!! Because I forgot it, I couldn't buy Katie Holmes drinks and I can't get myself drinks for liquid encouragement.

Second and most importantly, Katie Holmes made me realize that life is still beautiful and there are plenty of things to enjoy. Dancing with her was just so awesome. It was so sensual and just amazing. She's an angel that rescued me from the depths of the valley and my depression. I think about her all the time now instead of my ex. And that's better for two reasons. First, when I think about her, I am happy. If I think about my ex, I get sad (though I am so happy lately even that can't bring me down.) Second, I think dating either my ex or Katie Holmes is improbable, but I have a better chance of dating Katie Holmes than my stupid ex that dumped me. I am not gonna go crazy and go stalk Katie Holmes, but it's just a very nice distraction from my ex.

So thanks to Katie Holmes, my ex can no longer tie me down after she cut me loose. When my ex cut me off, I fell flat on my face and couldn't get up. Katie Holmes, the angel that she is, got me back up on my feet. Thank you.

I would really like to have lunch with her and get to know her more. Perhaps in real life, she's not as wonderful as I have dreamed her up to be, but I feel that I at least owe her lunch. She has helped me get over my ex more than anyone. Of course without my best friend/college roommate this would've never happened.

For all of you who are hurting, go clubbing with friends and just have fun! Results might vary, but it definitely helped me.

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1 Response May 31, 2010

Life is full of trials and tribulations. Only time can heal the broken heart......but in the meantime distractions like these can really help you move along. I'm glad you had a good time trying something new...<br />
<br />
P.S. Your roommate sounds like a really good guy!