I Love To Just Sit Around My House Naked && Finger Myself . . . . Does Anyone Else Have This Sensation ?!
HorneeeLesbianGirl HorneeeLesbianGirl
3 Responses May 19, 2012

Actually I like wearing nylons a garter belt and silky panties around the house. I'm a sissy crossdresser and love to watch transsexual **** also.

Yes! As soon as i get home i shed all my clothes. I will walk around the house naked and if anyone comes to the door i will answer it dressed in my birthday suit. Due to some complaints and to avoid trouble with the law, i have a sign at my door which states 'The owner is naked at all times. If nudity offends you stay away". This has caused a bit of a problem with the kids in the neighbour hood. They get a big kick out of ringing the doobell and when i open the door there is a group of 5 or 6 girls and boys. They make up some feeble excuse like 'do i need my lawn mowed' but i can see they are just looking at my **** and balls. When i close the door i can hear their laughter. i don't mind except when i'm busy on a job and the interruption becomes a nuisance.
Of course if i'm relaxing my hand is usually playing with my **** or balls. It is soothing to fondle my balls instead of worry beads. Any Ladies care to try it out?

yes I do! I love the idea of friends going in and out of my house. I think of many people here and I just stroll around naked and put my **** in to any girls that wants it!