Girls Night Out

whenever my girlfriends and i go out,we'll meet at one of our houses to get ready.
so here we are,about a dozen of the sexiest heartbreakers to walk the earth walking around naked getting ready to go out.each of us helping the others get ready.some of us sharing showers to save time.
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9 Responses Nov 16, 2010

wish i could be a fly on the wall while it is happening

Me and my friends do this all the time.. We even pinch each others nipples for fun

It's so fun especially when two girls are doing for you ,. My bf is so good at it he does it for hours

I just sit and let someone kneel and suck my nipples .

What percentage of your friends go without bra and panties when you go out?

Who is the first to flash? You?

damn... I have a hunch that there are no hanger-onners with male parts hanging around...

Not sure why you would go out after that

How about pictures? You know, so you'll all have them to spark fond memories later on in life. Oh, and you can post them here so that they'll be preserved! lol.

Now if I could just figure out which house it was I could plant my camera damn it.<br />
<br />
Starting to have a few fantasies see my profile and see if you can get an ides what they may be.

Mmmm please carry on with what happens.

that sounds like my kind of party