Caribbean Cruises Are Soo Relaxing.

  There's something so tranquil and relaxing about going on a cruise; especially to the Caribbean.   Just getting on the ship, the air of excitement, getting away for 5 to 7 days, from the crazy people of the world, and enjoying life.  AHHHH!    Getting a massage in the spa ( THE BEST),  sitting on my balcony at night as the moon shines on the water.     Sitting in the hot tub, meeting new and interesting folks from anywhere.    Winning a few bucks on the slots in the casino.    The one thing I would love to have on a cruise, is a lovely lady to accompany me.    To see her dressed up as she takes my breath away on formal night!   That would be the end all for sure!

          What does it for you on a cruise?

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

The only time i was in a cruise (to Bahamas) i felt bad (dizziness, nausea) so now im afraid of them.<br />
But where i like more to go is to Carribean¬°¬°

Thank you so much,love and light mary

Never been on less than a five day cruise, so I would say check with the cruise line. I would think they would probably stop there for part of one day. If you go to the local city records office, if it's in the area where you were born, they can officially give you the raised notarized seal for your birth certificate. You can even get a Passport this late, if you fill out the paperwork at the post office, along with a couple of passport size photo's. If you pay a few bucks more, they can expedite it, and have it back to you in about two weeks. Hope that was helpful! Enjoy your cruise.

I am going on my first cruise near the end of may to the Bahamas,you every been there,,do you know if you go on a two day cruise,if they let you off the boat when you are in the Bahamas? and can you get a rasied seal on your birth certifecate at the birth records place,just wndering if you know about any of that,,,I am so exsitedmary