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I think I live in the most dull boring place ever "the uk" but my most favorite thing to do is go on holiday I have must of been abroad over 16 times I go place like Spain,Egypt,France,Ibiza and the Caribbean and much more places, but there the ones I have been to a couple of times but the place I love and go the most is America I think it is the best place ever I have been there 5 6 times I went twice last year for 2 weeks, I love it there is so much more to do it is sunny I am like a big kid there i get so excited plus cos I have younger sister and cousins we get to go to Disney land and fun place but the best thing is shopping cos all the big brands I like are cheaper there than they are where I live I normally go the big places in America like New York las vagas Florida and LA but holidays are funniest experiences ever !!
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We need a Disney land in the UK!

Wow in that sense you are lucky because I would say that I'm living in the most boring place in England and I have not been on holiday since 2005. I wanna go to Disney land :( hey how was france?

that sounds awesome sounds like you see alot of places i wish i could do that is if for school?

Nope just family holidays :)

nice :)


Yehhh !!


Haha :D


Y ?

whats why

Sorry wrong story haha

lol ok

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