I love going out to eat. Not just to eat the food, but the fellowship. You can always find something to talk about and if the food is good that's even better. But sharing in fellowship with one another is the best time ever. However I make sure I only invite those who share the same feelings in eating out. If you go with someone who complains the whole time, you are in for a most miserable time. So make it worth your while and only invite those who share in what you like.

bvibe22 bvibe22
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2 Responses Dec 31, 2009

You are so very right. I have some relatives that I do not wish to ever go out eating with. Constant complainers. The food is never right, the proportions, the preparation, the service. They make me feel so ashamed that it's just not worth it. But the reverse is also true. With the right companions the meal can be so much more enjoyable. And it doesn't matter if it's a five star or a greasy spoon. Never turn your nose up at any place. You just may be missing a wonderful meal and dining experience! Here's to good food and even better companionship!

Very good idea BV. Go out, find places to eat with friends and surround yourself with people who share an interest and that make you happy.