Windy Slips

i Love wearing a light skirt or dress and several underskirts and going into the garden on a windy day.When the wind blows revealing my slips it never fails to arouse me .
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Only this morning Iwas out in my Knee length double la<x>yered Lime Green ntighy and was dissapointed that there was no wind only a little drizzle. <br />
NylonSliplover, I like to see your pic in that black slip very nice.

Myself I go into the garden wearing just a slip or just a nighty. It is a lovely feeling when the wind blows and you feel the material wraping up against your legs and body. I sometime go out into the garden when its raining and feel the wet nylon or what ever material the slip or nighty is made clinging to the body and the material is almost transparent. whoopeee I love it.

The garden is as far as I'd venture, but yes, a real thrill and sense of freedom to feel your lace and silk fluttering up and around your legs, especially if you leave the panties off. Nighties are nice ... fresh air blowing through and around your nipples too ...<br />
<br />
Funny how you see women in short skirts tugging them down as they walk and holding them in the wind; they choose to take the risk of revealing, and then do all they can not to! Meanwhile, I'm thinking, if that was me I let it float and show whatever!

Or above the jeans line when you bend over, I find that sexy too, as well as showing off a VPL under tight jeans or skirts.

almost as good as sitting down, crossing your legs, and having the slip peek out from under your skirt!

It's sexy, I love those "accidental" peeks ;-)