I've Had Some of the Best Times of My Life At Concerts

I'm talking true transcendence!  Pink Floyd at the Super Dome, and the last concert the Dead played in New Orleans.  And all the many, many Jazz Fest moments, when the crowd is moving as one to the Radiators, or the Nevilles, or Dumpstaphunk.  I think I'm overdue for a good dose of rock and roll! 

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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

Yeah, that show was awesome! It was supposed to be reserved seating- yeah right! I think the cops got the word from higher up not to **** w/ the Deadheads after what happened the time before to the Dead, because people were smoking (and what-have-you) openly just inches from the law and they never even flinched. Probably all had contact highs anyway. The whole Super Dome was vibrating from the dancing. If you stopped and tried to stand still, the floor was shaking. It was a onderful experience!