Unfortunately I don't get to go very often, as its a transport/money issue, but when I do go, I love it :)
Last time I went, it was with my beautiful man and we watched ''Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit'', which was pretty good.
Today I am going with my youngest boy to watch ''The Lego Movie'' (his choice not mine of course haha).
His dad is giving us a lift there, we are getting on ok at the minute (so I am taking full advantage of it lol).
Been wanting to go with my little one for ages, so I do appreciate him taking us.
Anyway yes, the cinema is always my first choice for something to do, if I am able.
Movies are my thing, and to see them how they were meant to be seen, with full surround sound, huge screen, it is just an event in itself and I get totally lost in the whole experience :).
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1 Response Mar 11, 2014

have you ever gone to the cinema alone?

i go on my own most of the time lol, the last movie i saw alone was the lone ranger. i wish i could ask for a refund because the movie was crap lol

johnny was ok, he plays the same persona as always. the movie just plain bad on its own, the plot sucks