First Time Joiner Of A Gym

So I joined the gym a few months ago after the birth of my second child. I lost all the weight from my first pregnancy almost seven years ago and was worried about gaining it all back with this last pregnancy, but I only gained less than ten pounds total. Totally healthy pregnancy and baby, FYI lol... So yeah, I lost the weight, was 158 when my baby was three weeks old. But lots happened and I got depressed and got back to 176, I started the gym... Didnt lose any weight but toned up right away. Looked different, felt different. Clothes were too big yay!! But... Again got depressed... Stopped going for a month and didnt weight but lost all my muscle and tone.
So here I am, back at the gym, after a months hiatus, with the idea that ill just run on the treadmill away from my frustrations and stresses in life... Sweating out my stress since I get it out no other away. Even bought a subscription to spotify to have good music to listen to. So I feel a lil better. No weight loss yet but at least feeling the endorphins from exercising. A nice plus for a depressed gal like myself.

One week into it now... Wish me luck :)
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

I'm a long time gym rat, I also struggle with weight. A couple of years ago I weighed 350lbs and got down to 240lbs. After going through hip replacement surgery I started putting weight back on. (I said all that to say this) I know a bit about losing weight and just the treadmill is not going to do it. Weight training burns more calories then cardio. It keeps the metabolism at a higher rate longer after your workout. Muscle also burns more calories then fat. Cardio workout is great but add some resistant training and the weight will come flying off. Just some helpful advice and good luck.