College Gym

I'm in my fifth year in college now but this happened when I was in my second one.

I've always been a gym freak, I love lifting weights and feeling the blood pump rushing my veins, I don't know why but I feel invincible while I'm at it. Unfortunately, being a man, the blood pump not only means getting stronger, the bad side of it is that I get this extreme desire to have sex right there and being full of girls with incredible bodies I start to fantasize about it. I was pretty embarrassed when this first begin to happen to me(it was very awkward to me to have an erection in my college's gym) so my solution was going two hours before the gym closed, so it was less crowded and I could focus entirely on my training. It was all working normal until a new receptionists started doing the late shifts, I arrived at the gym thinking about her and finished my workouts with this strong demanding desire to take her in an almost uncontrolled way, I just rushed into the showers so that she didn't noticed while I was on my way( her desk was right besides the corridor that goes to the showers. I will never forget this one day she arrived with her skin tanned and with an adjusted top that showed her **** in full size, she couldn't help to notice that I was looking at her boobs, I was so horny that I just didn't care she caught me and be then I was having a million thoughts of me having raging sex with her.

I went to the showers and then came back to her desk and told her the key to my locker wasn't working, she just smiled at me like she knew what I was up to and pulled out the master key and walked moving her hips in such a sexy way that I knew I had to have her right there in the showers, I was mad horny by then, and when we got to the lockers room she saw that my locker was open already and we looked at each other and started kissing while we undressed. I don't know why but the feeling of doing something wrong was so exciting that I just forced her to take it right there.

I never saw her again( she left that same day and never came back), but I'll always remember how much fun that was

charliethe1 charliethe1
22-25, M
Mar 4, 2010