My Favorite Theaters

Some times it doesn't even matter what the show is.
for me it is the experience of just going to the movies and sharing the laughs and emotions with all the people around you.
the fresh movie theater popcorn, the sticky floors, the couples making out in the dark.

when i was a kid, i went to the Mullins Theater in Clintwood Va.
almost every saturday my cousin Alan and i would go the matinee for the latest creature feature.
we saw Godzilla, Rodin and Mothra all taking their shots at Tokyo.
after the show we would go down the street to the White Star cafe for a platter of fries and argue about who was the toughest monsters while we waited for our ride.
then go home and play out the movie in a sand pile in the backyard.

when i was a teen and a young man, i took my dates to the Mullins.
in the late 80's and early 90's it was all about the slasher films and getting ya date so scared she wanted your arm around her, and then maybe getting a chance to cop a feel.
then finding a quiet place to park, and forgetting all about the movies.

when i got older still, i fell in love with the Moonlight Drive In.
one of the few remaining drives in movies in the country.
it had character.
owned and operated by an original member of Evils' posse.
and the perfect place to bring the family.
parking the car backwards with the trunk open to get the stereo sound from the speakers when drive ins started broadcasting the movie on a low powered radio frequency.
our lawn chairs set up with a cooler full of drinks and snacks in the middle.
the kids playing in the grass down front till the show started, and then piling up on blankets.

always a double feature at the Moonlight, starting at dark.
and at the end of the night the kids would be asleep before we made it out f the lot.
wrapped in blankets damp from the evening dew.
and ya couldn't beat the price.
$5.00 for each adult and kids under 12 for free....

i could keep going...
Devilonyashoulda Devilonyashoulda
46-50, M
May 9, 2012