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I used to go to the movies a lot with friends but now that I don't have many anymore, I don't do the movies too much at the theater but I would like to go again.  Plus the movies and the food is too high but I fall into the trap of smelling the popcorn and I have to have it!  Then I have to wash it down too. 

I do watch movies at home but it isn't the same when you want to hang out with people.

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3 Responses Jul 1, 2007

I like a variety of genres of movies. It can be funny, have drama, action, romantic. Many times I like a movie with all of this in it. It has to be able to keep my interest, not be too silly or have too much violence or be too lovey dovey.

what types of movies do you like?

You are right, I watched a movie with my friend and we laughed all of the time. I watched it again alone, it was dull. I remember watching those old Godzilla movies with my sister when we were younger. As Godzilla attacked, we would put in commentary of what he was saying. It was a good time.